Social Media Privacy Policy

We use this Social Media page to inform you about our products and services. We may, from time to time, launch various types of competitions or promotions, in which you are invited to enter. Another purpose of this page is to receive feedback as a basis to improve our products. We therefore encourage comments and open discussion on this forum.

Because all comments are open for anyone to read, it is crucial that all comments are made with due consideration and respect for other people, without indignity, unethical or other inappropriate language, and in compliance with the Social Media providers Terms of Use or applicable legislation, such as data protection laws. We reserve our right to delete comments that, in our opinion, are inappropriate or illegal. We encourage you to immediately notify us if you observe a comment that, in your opinion, is inappropriate or illegal.

The Social Media provider is primarily responsible for the processing of personal data on their social network. In respect of comments by ourselves or by other persons made on our page, we are also responsible. You can find further information about our processing of personal data and about your rights in our Privacy Policy here.

When leaving comments on our page, we encourage you not to provide information about other persons, and in particular in the absence of their explicit consent. In any event, you should not include sensitive personal data, such as health data about yourself or others, in your comments.

If you have questions about this page or our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to